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Brow Wow: All About Eyebrow Extensions

Brow Wow: All About Eyebrow Extensions

Eyelash extension services are currently among the most popular trending beauty enhancements; in fact, the lash extension market size was valued at 1.36 Billion USD in 2020 and is projected to reach 2.31 Billion USD by 2028. Looking at these staggering numbers, it’s not surprising that estheticians specializing in eyelash extensions are thriving. According to research, the annual revenue of lash businesses in the US is between $100K-$500K. But can this revenue increase even more by adding another complimentary extension service? Eyebrow extensions are the newest service on the rise, and this article will shed light on the techniques, cost and other valuable information estheticians need in order to get started.

I know about thinning eyebrows firsthand, as I happily plucked out my big, fluffy Armenian brows in my high school years in the early 2000s, when very thin brows were “in”. If my mother were alive, she would say “I told you so”, as she warned me numerous times they would never grow back. As women and men my age (those who remember clear inflatable armchairs, hot pink Razr phones, and Baby-G watches) approach their forties, they realize the importance eyebrows (or lack of eyebrows) have on their appearance. Correctly shaped brows define the look of our face and frame our eyes. They help us communicate better, express our emotions, and translate our feelings to those around us. For the last few years, the service of choice to restore overplucked, thin, sparse, nonexistent eyebrows has been microblading, but there is now a brand new eyebrow trend that doesn’t require a PMU license. 

Eyebrow extensions are similar to eyelash extensions in that both offer a temporary solution for enhancing the appearance of the brows or lashes. Depending on factors such as the adhesive used and the client's maintenance routine, they typically last for 10-14 days before requiring touch-ups or removal. Both come in custom lengths and colors to match the client’s existing hair color and can either be undetectably natural or overly dramatic. They are typically made from synthetic fibers, such as polyester or nylon, and can fill in sparse areas, add volume, and create a fuller, more defined look.

The process of eyebrow extension application is simple – a client consultation is performed, during which the esthetician selects the correct shade of extensions to match the natural brows. After a cleanse and any necessary tweezing of unwanted hairs, the esthetician starts the extension application by making sure the brow area is completely dry. This helps ensure optimal adhesion of the extensions and prevents any residual moisture from interfering with the adhesive bond. He or she then brushes the eyebrows up to get a better look at how much natural brow hair the client has to work with and which hairs the extensions can be attached to. The synthetic hairs are then picked up using tweezers and dipped into the adhesive before attaching to the client’s own brow hairs. The esthetician will usually work starting from the outer corner of the brow inwards, creating a natural-looking brow and filling in any bald spots.

After the application of the extensions, it’s crucial to keep the area dry for the first 24 hours to allow the glue to dry correctly. Most clients will need to return for maintenance in approximately 10-14 days and adjust their homecare routine to prevent premature shedding. This would include washing around the area, especially if using active cleansers and avoiding heavy moisturizers, oils, and occlusives on the area. Touch-up appointments should take less than 30 minutes. The best part about eyebrow extensions is that they don’t damage the natural hair and look completely natural.

Adding eyebrow extensions to your menu can significantly enhance your skill set, providing you with a lucrative service that will keep happy clients coming back. If you’re not sure where to start, a number of reputable lash brands have already branched off with eyebrow extension offerings and offer kits along with training on this new service.