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Kaelin Jutras, L.E.

The mother of all extractions!!! This device is a must-have for every Esthetician's tool-kit!! The skin scrubber not only makes extractions so much more graceful, but it also helps remove thick masks. Gone are the days of having to use a gazillion towels to remove alginate or enzyme masks! This tool has become an essential part of The Esthetic Academy's trainings too. We see unparalleled results by deep cleaning the pores with this tool prior to micro-needling, nano-infusion and dermaplaning. Thank you for creating this wonderful tool, Dasha

Jessica R.

This mask/moisturizer feels like it’s doing something the moment I smooth it onto my face. I’ve been using it for over a month now and can see and feel the difference in my skin’s hydration levels and firmness. Living in a very dry area, the Amino-Lift Leave-On Mask has helped my face stay much more hydrated and radiant for an entire day. I use it morning and night and can’t be more pleased. Thank you!


These mask are a must have in my back bar products. My clients love the cool feeling of these mask and the results. I love how much product they contain. I am able to massage over this mask with the massage cool duo and then use the excess product for a neck and shoulder massage

Althea C.

Every time I use this either on my clients or myself, this mask works wonders! Never fails to help remove comodones and open comodones, soften the skin and help the rest of the facial routine to absorb nicely into the skin. The end result is always glowing with great appreciation!